Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reflector decompilation tools

Reflector is a more powerful anti-compilation tools, I believe many of my friends have used it, but the reflector itself has many limitations, such as only one view of a method, but fortunately reflector support plug-in feature is online, many plug-reflector I took two applications to find a wide range, and the critically acclaimed plug-ins: Reflector.FileDisassembler and Reflector.FileGenerator and Reflector for the integration, on a compressed package, you can start using after decompression, which is not readily available on the Internet FileGenerator dll, I will remove it compile, on a compressed package, has been struggling to find a friend of this can be brought directly used:)

Click to download Reflector integrated compressed

The compressed package Reflector.exe has been upgraded to the latest 5.0 version, the specific use will not talk much, only a brief use of the steps in this archive:

First download and unzip the archive, run one of the Reflector.exe (main program), first run error dialog box will pop up, because the two plug-in DLL is referenced in accordance with the actual situation in my local configuration, so you need to the actual situation of your new profile look, very simple, we do get a quote FileGenerator.dll example

First of all, tell us Filegenerator, FileGenerator plug role: According to the dll file, the contents of the source file to export into a file, do not lead out of the file in addition to comments, variable names have changed, others can be said is no different. For some of the better control, if not open source, can exported into a file, and then add their own comments, a few amendments, well used up. (Not open source dll, is not at ease with them ah)

Specific initialization setting method: click on View-> Add-Ins ..., pop up a window, then click Add-> select the folder inside: "FileGenerator.dll", click close.

Then return to Reflector window, Tool-> Generator File (s) ... the right plug-ins appeared in the window, select the left side of the dll file, click on the right side of the export file, the source code to all the lead out!

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